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Release date

Friday, June 25

4:00 PM UTC

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Pack openings possible 15 minutes after start of the sale

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About Chenduz

Born in 1980 in Rotterdam the Netherlands, Vincenzo D’Ippolito draws under his pen name Chenduz. He was raised on 80’s and 90’s toys, cartoons, video games and many other silly sticker cards just like Garbage Pail Kids.


Chenduz is a sketch artist/illustrator from The Netherlands and began working for Topps™ in 2014 creating official sketch cards on Wacky Packages Old School Series, he later moved on to Garbage Pail Kids and has worked on many Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages series since then. Whilst working for Topps™, he later worked with many other companies as well. He has done work for brands such as Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Marvel, DC, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things and many more! Chenduz is daily busy in his studio drawing and creating new concepts and all kinds of other fun stuff just like he created Chenduz’s Lunapark.

Some official GPK OS2 NFTs made by Chenduz on the WAX blockchain


★ LunaPark ★


  • Base set

    Made by Chenduz, official Garbage Pail Kids artist for TOPPS™

  • Unique trading cards

    A total of 639 unique NFTs in this set!

  • 3 trading card packs

    Each time you open the 3 different trading pack you will have a chance to open a pre-minted pack and a chance to receive a free promo trading card pack that includes 1 NFT

  • Stickers

    10 stickers with each 3 different variants, so 30 to collect

  • Golden tickets

    9 Golden tickets which are redeemable for a handpainted rough of the artwork

  • Color roughs

    You will receive a color rough as NFT each time you open a trading card pack

Trading card packs

Admit one

50% chance to open a pre-minted pack

50% chance to open a mint-on-demand pack

10% chance to receive a free PROMO ticket when opening


NFTs per pack


tickets available

$ 6,99

WAX only

Admit two

55% chance to open a pre-minted pack

45% chance to open a mint-on-demand pack

50% chance to receive a free PROMO ticket when opening


NFTs per pack


tickets available

$ 33,99

WAX only

Admit three

60% chance to open a pre-minted pack

40% chance to open a mint-on-demand pack

100% chance to receive a free PROMO ticket when opening


cards per pack


packs available

$ 64,99

WAX only


Free ticket when opening ADMIT ONE, ADMIT TWO or ADMIT THREE

0% chance to open a pre-minted pack

100% chance to open a mint-on-demand pack


NFT per pack


  • 10% chance when opening ADMIT ONE
  • 50% chance when opening ADMIT TWO
  • 100% chance when opening ADMIT THREE




Ancient Stone




Lost Footage









Unique (mint #1/1)

Color Roughs

Fixed amount per pack

50 NFTs in total to collect

Golden Tickets

Very hard to find! Only 9 golden tickets in total!

Redeemable for an original color rough, shipped to your address for free

Instructions: contact one of the R2 team members in the Telegram group to redeem

Collection rewards

Receive unique artwork by fulfilling quests

Complete (sub)sets before deadlines

These NFTs are not available in trading card packs

Promo cards

Free promotional NFTs

Will be handed out prior to the release on June 26th

These NFTs are not available in trading card packs


Pack structure

Distribution of NFTs in the trading card packs

LunaPark (37%)
Ancient Stone (24%)
Rustic (18%)
Lost Footage (12%)
Carnival (6,5%)
Spatial (2%)
Stickers (0,5%)

Special inserts

  • Admit One: Golden ticket: 0,05% per pack, Posters: 0,05% per pack, Color rough: 1 random NFT per pack
  • Admit Two: Golden ticket: 0,12% per pack, Posters: 0,12% per pack, Color rough: 2 random NFTs per pack
  • Admit Three: Golden ticket: 0,6% per pack, Posters: 0,6% per pack, Color rough: 3 random NFTs per pack

Total cards

NameRarityCards per variants
LunaParkCommon100 (50x A-B)
Ancient StoneUncommon100 (50x A-B)
RusticRare100 (50x A-B)
Lost FootageEpic100 (50x A-B)
CarnivalLegendary100 (50x A-B)
SpatialMythic100 (50x A-B)
StickersExtraordinary30 (10x A-B-C)
Total cards639


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